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Jan 2

You’re looking for a new healthy recipe for 2015? New year’s day offer the perfect opportunity to start fresh and commit to healthy life with healthy food. Whether you are shopping for food – cooking or eating out healthy and nutrition is important and must be considered. Even difficult for us to avoid foods that are low fatno added salt and low carb. Many restaurant or fast food outlets are claiming that they offer healthy menu for you. So just how do you know whether tonight’s spaghetti bolognaise is ‘healthy’ or just a health hazard in the making?

New Healthy Recipe: When you are cooking – shopping and eating out, consider the the food label information listed on the nutritional value of food and with a little knowledge, you may be to navigate the menu without blowing your bugdet daily kilojoules. To separate the decadent from the deliciously healthy look for recipes that:

  1. Use lean meat or specify trimmed meat, skinless chicken/poultry, fresh fish or fish canned in brine or springwater instead of higher fat cuts of meat or crumbed/battered fish.
  2. Use reduced fat or low fat ingredients such as low/reduced fat milk, cheese and yoghurt.
  3. Use unsaturated fats rather than sources of saturated fat, for example, specify unsaturated margarine instead of butter, use oils such as canola, sunflower, olive, peanut or sesame instead of ingredients such as coconut or palm oil or ghee.
  4. Use low-fat cooking methods such as grilling, barbequing on a grill, dry baking or baking with small amounts of healthy oils, steaming, boiling, poaching or roasting on a rack. Microwaving is also a healthy cooking method as is stewing with minimal amounts of added fats.
  5. Avoid adding salt during cooking or at the table – including sea and rock salt. Use herbs and spices for flavouring, for example, coriander, pepper, garlic, ginger, basil, oregano, cumin and parsley.
  6. Use only small amounts of high salt ingredients such as soy and fish sauce, stock cubes and salted meats like salami and bacon.
  7. Avoid large amounts of added sugars, for example, table sugar, honey, fructose and golden syrup.
  8. Include plenty of vegetables and legumes if the recipe is for a main meal dish.
  9. Specify wholegrain ingredients e.g. wholemeal flour, rolled oats, barley, brown rice.

You can also improve the nutritional profile of a recipe by substituting high saturated fat, salt or sugar ingredients with healthier alternatives. For instance sour cream in recipes can be replaced with low fat natural yoghurt instead, light evaporated milk can be used instead of cream or coconut cream, and fruit purees can add sweetness and moisture to replace some of the fat and sugar used in cakes.

Healthy Recipe

Scientific research shows that pregnant women experiencing toxemia (swelling and high blood pressure) are those who have bad diet, eating foods that are processed too long so that the nutritional value of low. Get healthy recipes and culinary tips – tips of nutrients which will guide you through troubleshooting circumvent unhealthy food ingredients to produce a healthy dish. The whole dish was tasty and easy to make healthy is guaranteed! You will get natural healthy cooking guides variety of popular dishes, ranging from a complete dish, side dishes, vegetable dishes and cooking fry, snack to drink. Interestingly….these delicious dishes are all healthy and of course all the family members you want to enjoy good food and of course healthy. Get all the information on the healthy recipe books, which we offer through this blog.

Pancake Recipe

Best pancake recipe I have tried...last time I made them with frozen blueberries and this week I made them with sliced strawberries. Both were excellent. These are the best homemade pancake ever. This is a terrific pancake recipe - It's hard to imagine how such big and hearty pancakes can also taste so light and fulffy. I'll be using this recipe for pancakes from now on.

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Pancakes are cakes made from a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar and milk. The ingredients are mixed with water and become thick batter, fried on a griddle flat smeared a little oil. Pancakes can be served with extra butter, maple syrup, jam or honey, blueberries, chocolate chips, cheese, a piece of meat. You're looking for some inspiration about healthy recipes and learn how to cook healthy meals?? In this blog you will find some of the pancake recipe book and some recipes or cakes recipe that we recommend for you to read and have, such as: Top 50 Most Delicious Pancake Recipes - 40 Cupcakes Recipe - Pancake 72 Sweet and Savory Recipes for the Perfect Stack - The Amazing Pancake Recipe Book - The New Best Recipe - The Pancake Handbook Special Ties From Bette's Ocean View Diner.